About RIGF

Russian Internet Governance Forum to be held on September 6–7 offline

Speakers and participants of RIGF 2023 will discuss the development of the Internet and the formation of its management ecosystem, the problems of cybersecurity and the protection of critical infrastructure, counteracting the spread of destructive content, the introduction of a global digital tax for transnational corporations, new technologies in education, decentralized applications and Web 3.0, the use of artificial intelligence, development global IT cooperation and other topical issues.

And, of course, at RIGF 2023 there will be a solemn presentation of the Virtuti Interneti award and a lecture by the laureate of the Internet Order. Who will be the winner this time will be known only on April 7.

When forming the RIGF 2023 program, the opinions of everyone who took part in the collection of topics for the upcoming forum in January 2023 will be taken into account.